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There is nothing more valuable to a farmer than maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Chicot Irrigation has a number of solutions that will aid in cost and time savings as well as help conserve water. Contact us today, or visit one of our locations to find out more about how you can save.

Delta Plastics’ Pipe Planner is a free Web-based application that makes your irrigation system work most uniformly for your field. You enter basic information about your field, well, and poly pipe, and it yields a design specific to your needs. The irrigation planning software can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line by streamlining water conservation.

Variable Frequency Drives improve the efficiency of irrigation pumps by controlling the pump motor’s speed to deliver only what is needed to function at optimal efficiency. You will notice real savings with no over pumping or over pressurizing of your irrigation equipment.

Soft Start Panels reduce torque by controlling the voltage delivered to the motor during startup, reducing motor wear, and increasing your long term economic efficiency.

Precision King Technology provides soil moisture management, pivot automation, pump and flow meter automation, rice water level management and weather stations. Get affordable, real time communication and monitoring reports direct to your smart phone, tablet or computer with prompt and thorough local service.

AgSense WagNet (Wireless Agriculture Network) allows you to proactively manage your operation from any location. This cloud-based dashboard utilizes a Remote Telemetry Unit to provide real-time information so you can control and monitor groups or specific pivots and pumps directly from the dashboard.

McCrometer Flow Meters for precise and accurate flow monitoring ensure that your crops will not encounter the negative impact of system breaks or malfunctions that might occur.

Moisture Sensors are key to water conservation and keeping costs low. Moisture sensors provide vital information about when to irrigate and for how long.

Murphy Engine Timers to start or stop engines are needed for accurate and easily managed water flow to crops.

Poly Piranha is the most innovative poly pipe hole punch tool on the market with easily distinguished color-coded punches in varying sizes and interchangeable striking heads.

P&R Surge Valves are cast aluminum T-shaped diverters that take water in on one port and deliver it left or right to the other ports. They are controlled by butterfly valves that are activated by motors in the controllers.

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